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New Report Sheds Lights on China’s Financing for Poverty Alleviation

The report presents  China’s overall and staged poverty alleviation progress and the role of financing over time. It identifies four main types of financing; namely fiscal, credit, social and international funds, which comply with China’s major poverty reduction approaches.  The report showcases five case studies that feature a variety of innovative financing mechanisms, including incentives and risk control measures. Meanwhile, challenges and prospects are outlined for China’s poverty financing in the context of social-economic changes. The report intends to propose recommendations to help reinforce China’s financing efforts for poverty reduction in a sustainable way.

Through research and dialogue, the report calls for more substantive changes in poverty governance. For example, a participatory approach and using a multitude of criteria are suggested to target the poor. Further decentralizing the management of financial resources is proposed to support context-specific solutions.

Follow the link here for the English and the Chinese version