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Nexus 2018: Water, Food, Energy and Climate

16-18 April 2018

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The second Nexus Conference – Water-Food-Energy-Climate will be on the 16-18th of April 2018 in Chapel Hill in North Carolina. It will focus on:
•                 Science-policy interface;
•                 partnerships;
•                 solutions;
•                 review of Sustainable Development Goal commitments (2018 and for the Heads of State review in 2019);
•                 sharing of tools, indicators and methodologies; and
•                 the identification of gaps.
The conference will facilitate space for the development of collaborative work. It will build on recognizing and respecting the work that sector experts are engaged with while also addressing some key challenges that will require a Nexus approach these include:
•                 Agriculture will have to produce 30-50% more food by 2030
•                 Primary energy needs will increase by 40% by 2030
•                 Demand for water will exceed global availability by 40 % in 2030
•                 Surge of 200 million climate change refugees will reverse global healthcare progress by 2050

Since the 2014 conference a number of areas that interface with the Nexus discourse have developed and the conference will address three cross cutting areas.

These will be the urban challenge – where the Nexus tradeoffs really become vital to communities and people’s lives. The conference will look at the health-related Nexus issues recognizing that with climate change these will increase.

Finally, it will look at the migration and mobility as governments and stakeholders start to develop the Global Compact on Migration over the next two years. Nexus issues play a critical role in the increase of migration as food and water become scarce and climate change impacts are increasingly have an effect.

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