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Plant trees while you search the web

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue. Get the free browser extension and use Ecosia every time you search.

Trees mean a happy environment, healthy people and a strong economy

When you search the web with Ecosia, 80% of the profits from the search ad revenue goes to support tree planting programs.  

Each of the tree planting projects that we finance has a unique approach and is helping to reforest the world in a very special way.

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Cool climate

Trees absorb CO2, which is one of the main drivers of climate change. Larger forests can even create clouds, which then reflect the sunlight and cool our planet.


Forests are the most diverse systems on land with millions of species out of which many have not even been discovered and analyzed yet.

Soil protection

Trees protect the soil from erosion and they create productive and fertile land. If you cut down trees, you will very soon end up with a desert.

Frequently asked questions about ECOSIA projects

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Why did you decide to plant trees instead of supporting other causes?

By planting a tree, you can fight climate change, restart water cycles, turn deserts back into fertile forests and provide nutrition, employment, education, medical assistance and political as well as economic stability. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Why do you support multiple projects at a time and how do you distribute the funds between them?

Our aim at Ecosia is to explore different approaches, combine their beneficial impact and become the world’s leading tree planting experts. With a growing user-base and years of experience, we now finally have the resources to support and monitor a carefully selected number of planting programs.

Can I choose which project I’d like to support with my trees?

We want our trees to have the biggest positive impact. This is why we do a lot of research and evaluate our planting partners’ needs so we can distribute our funds as efficiently as possible. You can just lean back and enjoy using your favorite tree planting search engine, knowing we will plant your trees in the most beneficial way!

Can I submit a tree-planting project I think you should support?

Although we scanned the whole reforestation landscape for the best tree planting programs, we maybe haven’t yet come across this stellar project you may know about. We appreciate your help and look forward to a hint at treeplanting [at]