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Regeneration of soils and ecosystems: The opportunity to prevent climate change. Basis for a necessary climate and agricultural policy

Regeneration of soils and ecosystems: The opportunity to prevent climate change. Basis for a necessary climate and agricultural policy.

In this white paper, IDEAA scientifically explains and justifies the need to give absolute priority to the regeneration of soils and ecosystems. The sustainability concept has driven positive changes but has failed on two levels: it has been easy to manipulate because of its inherent laxness, and because of the fact that since the Earth Summit (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) indicators show much worsening and certainly no improvement. Global emissions increase and soil erosion is every year hitting new negative records.

Ecological and agrosystem regeneration necessarily implies a change for the better, a positive attitude and the joy of generating benefits for all living beings, human or not.Ecological and agrosystem regeneration not only aids in reducing emissions to the atmosphere but also allows natural, agricultural and livestock soils to act as carbon sinks, reducing the threats of all too sudden climate change.

Regeneration improves products’ quality, thereby increasing their market value. It improves the properties not just sustaining but carrying them into a future of permanent virtuous processes, in the long and short run. It also tackles increasing intergenerational justice problems. By means of increasing the resilience of the agrosystems, it also substantially contributes to climate change adaptation. For more information, please visit the Institute for Applied Ecology (IDEAA) (

Desertification in Europe(page 61)

If suitable measures are not applied,the frequent and increasingly intense and droughts will cause the collapse of the edaphic mechanisms water retention,increasing erosion and desertification.Though the situation is variable,processes of soil degradation are accelerating in Europe.Twelve European counties are considered to be affected by desertification,and the phenomenon has been included in Annex V of the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification).With the exception of Latvia all countries affected belong to the south of Europe.The situation is particularly severe across large swathes of Spain, in the south of Portugal,the southeast of Greece,and areas of Bulgaria and Romania’s Black Sea coast.


Many initiatives have been already successfully implemented or are being started

A) Loess Plateau in China”21.

B) Regeneration programme of 1/6 of the land in Ethiopia22--‐23.

C) Rehabilitation of the Rugezi Highland Wetlands in Rwanda24--‐25.

D) Bonn Challenge

E) 4%0 Initiative

F) “A silent revolution is taking place in Africa”26.

--‐ Lastly,the situation in Europe is not to be celebrated

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