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Report on current state of soil degradation and conservation/RECARE

Sustainable management of natural resources is one of the key issues that the international community will have to address over the next two decades. An overview of where land and soil degradation takes place, at what intensity and how land users
are addressing this problem through sustainable land management (SLM) is vital information in that effort.

Existing maps not only almost exclusively focus on degradation but also have been compiled following different methods, making the comparison of benefits of interventions difficult, in turn hindering informed decision-making. As part of developing these techniques and informing the RECARE project, a team from ISRIC have recently published a report on the state of soil degradation and conservation in the RECARE Case Study sites,based on research conducted by the RECARE Case Study teams.

This report uses a mapping methodology developed and used by three earlier international projects (WOCAT/LADA/DESIRE) that generates information on degradation and SLM.