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Research meets Development: Drought resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa

Drought is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. It often has large-scale and serious consequences particularly in poor countries. It has accompanied humankind ever since, but is projected to increase with climate change. Yet, in our present time drought no longer needs to be a disaster, its consequences can be managed, though it is not easy in contexts where poverty, conflict and migration exacerbate the challenges of drought. In addition, new challenges arise due to new sectors being affected by drought in modernizing societies.

The event series will shed light on four interconnected topics around drought:

  1. What role does drought particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa play for food security, for livelihoods in rural areas, for local and regional conflicts and for migration.
  2. How can drought resilience be strengthened, which sectors have to be addressed and contribute, what solutions exist in the various areas.  
  3. Given the multi-faceted nature and interconnectedness of drought related issues, how can integrated approaches and institutional coherence be found in order to identify solutions, minimize cross-sectoral trade-offs and harnessing synergies.
  4. The complexity of the issues also means that a particularly close dialogue is needed between scientists and development practitioners in order to challenge conventional wisdoms, to evaluate old and find new solutions.

The event series brings together a wide range of stakeholders, decision makers from administration and government, rural agricultural service providers, civil society, NGOs, development organizations, and scientific institutions. This exchange forms the basis for developing ideas, options, recommendations to improve the current policies on drought resilience and identifying options to bridge research needs with practical demands.

The structure of the series reflects this endeavour: The kick-off event will discuss the relevance of and the challenges for achieving drought resilience, the topical events will discuss new or controversial solutions at the sector level, the final event will bring these insights together and discuss how integrated approaches can be implemented and how science and development can better cooperate.

Event series, Bonn, 06.04.2017 until 13.07.2017, see titles below

  • Drought resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa and its relevance for food security, conflict and migration

  • Enhancing Drought Resilience through comprehensive Early Warning systems

  • Drought resilience crops: unapt techno-mix or key indeed to drought resilience?

  • Social Protection – A main Pillar in Drought Resilience? Practical experiences and evidence from Sub-Sahara Africa

  • Improving drought resilience of Sub-Saharan agriculture: opportunities and challenges in irrigation and water governance

  • Interventions in rural dynamics  - research and development work in the context of pastoral societies in Afar/Ethiopia

  • Drought resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa - Lessons learned for cooperative action

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