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Sahel Refugees : The Human Face of a Regional Crisis

The present volume is devoted to sounding the alarm about one of the most dramatic faces of the regional crisis: the refugees in the Sahel, with a special focus on Chad and Niger. The Sahel is experiencing political upheaval and insecurity due to the conflict in Libya, the crises in Mali and Nigeria, as well as the spread of violent extremism across the region.

This instability – taking place in a context of deep poverty and vulnerability – has had dramatic consequences for the countries involved and the population living in these areas.

Conflict has impacted agro-pastoral activities, and trade and food supplies have been disrupted. New routes have opened for the trafficking of people, drugs and arms.

The state and traditional authorities have been challenged by armed groups, and thousands of people have sought refuge in neighboring countries, in particular from Mali and Nigeria to Chad and Niger.

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