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Soil - an interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

SOIL is an international scientific journal dedicated to the publication and discussion of high-quality research in the field of soil system sciences.

SOIL is at the interface between the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. SOIL publishes scientific research that contributes to understanding the soil system and its interaction with humans and the entire Earth system. The scope of the journal includes all topics that fall within the study of soil science as a discipline, with an emphasis on studies that integrate soil science with other sciences (hydrology, agronomy, socio-economics, health sciences, atmospheric sciences, etc.).

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13 Mar 2017

01 Mar 2017

Among the most downloaded :

29 Feb 2016

Luca Montanarella, Daniel Jon Pennock, Neil McKenzie, Mohamed Badraoui, Victor Chude, Isaurinda Baptista, Tekalign Mamo, Martin Yemefack, Mikha Singh Aulakh, Kazuyuki Yagi, Suk Young Hong, Pisoot Vijarnsorn, Gan-Lin Zhang, Dominique Arrouays, Helaina Black, Pavel Krasilnikov, Jaroslava Sobocká, Julio Alegre, Carlos Roberto Henriquez, Maria de Lourdes Mendonça-Santos, Miguel Taboada, David Espinosa-Victoria, Abdullah AlShankiti, Sayed Kazem AlaviPanah, Elsiddig Ahmed El Mustafa Elsheikh, Jon Hempel, Marta Camps Arbestain, Freddy Nachtergaele, and Ronald Vargas

SOIL, 2, 79-82, doi:10.5194/soil-2-79-2016, 2016 | 2,778 views

16 Apr 2015

M. Köchy, R. Hiederer, and A. Freibauer

SOIL, 1, 351-365, doi:10.5194/soil-1-351-2015, 2015 | 2,487 views

07 Apr 2016

Saskia D. Keesstra, Johan Bouma, Jakob Wallinga, Pablo Tittonell, Pete Smith, Artemi Cerdà, Luca Montanarella, John N. Quinton, Yakov Pachepsky, Wim H. van der Putten, Richard D. Bardgett, Simon Moolenaar, Gerben Mol, Boris Jansen, and Louise O. Fresco

SOIL, 2, 111-128, doi:10.5194/soil-2-111-2016, 2016 | 2,045 views

16 Apr 2015

M. Köchy, A. Don, M. K. van der Molen, and A. Freibauer

SOIL, 1, 367-380, doi:10.5194/soil-1-367-2015, 2015 | 1,385 views

Among the most commented ones:

13 Mar 2017

Christopher Poeplau, Cora Vos, and Axel Don

SOIL, 3, 61-66, doi:10.5194/soil-3-61-2017, 2017

Final revised paper published in SOIL (6 comments)

04 Jan 2017

Jonathan Sanderman, Courtney Creamer, W. Troy Baisden, Mark Farrell, and Stewart Fallon

SOIL, 3, 1-16, doi:10.5194/soil-3-1-2017, 2017

Final revised paper published in SOIL (6 comments)

10 Oct 2016

Georgina Key, Mike G. Whitfield, Julia Cooper, Franciska T. De Vries, Martin Collison, Thanasis Dedousis, Richard Heathcote, Brendan Roth, Shamal Mohammed, Andrew Molyneux, Wim H. Van der Putten, Lynn V. Dicks, William J. Sutherland, and Richard D. Bardgett

SOIL, 2, 511-521, doi:10.5194/soil-2-511-2016, 2016

Final revised paper published in SOIL (8 comments)

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  • Soils and water
  • Soils and atmosphere
  • Soils and biogeochemical cycling
  • Soils and the natural environment
  • Soils and the human environment
  • Soils and food security
  • Soils and biodiversity
  • Soils and global change
  • Soils and health
  • Soil as a resource
  • Soil systems
  • Soil degradation (chemical, physical and biological)
  • Soil protection and remediation (including soil monitoring)
  • Soil and methods

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