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Technical Brief for the Great Green Wall Accelerator

The Great Green Wall Accelerator will support implementing countries and member states to track progress towards achieving the 2030 ambition of the GGW.  The UNCCD as the lead, is supporting the Pan African Agency of the Great Green Wall to monitor, track progress and ensure a more coordinated support to the existing GGW member states, structures and institutions.

Efficient communication complements good coordination hence, the Great Green Wall Accelerator is pleased to release its technical brief every quarter to provide updates from our stakeholders as well as implementing and financial partners to inform the public and inspire action.  

  • The Great Green Wall is one of the most ambitious land-based solution, it requires actions from all actors so that together we can work to make it a reality and meet the targets for the initiative by 2030.

The Great Green Wall Accelerator is pleased to release its first technical brief, informing the public about its mission, and providing updates from its financial and technical partners. The Great Green Wall Accelerator was announced in January 2021, during the One Planet Summit with the aim to support a better coordination between all the stakeholders working on the Great Green Wall Initiative to achieve the 2030 Goals.

Want to know more about the Great Green Wall Accelerator and how you can be a part of the Great Green Wall Initiative?

Find out more in recently released communications resources in English and French visiting the GGW website here

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FAQ English  and FAQ French

  • How can I find out more information about the projects on the ground? Please see our website - Great Green Wall Website You can also sign up for monthly news digest by signing up here
  • How can I access funding (as a government, private sector or civil society entity)? The accelerator team and partners are preparing to release an online platform that will include an opportunities hub where you will find funding opportunities and how to submit a project proposal to the GGW Accelerator’s partners.
  • How can I contribute (as a government or private sector entity or as an individual)? Check out all you need to know about the GGW in the FAQs. 

The Great Green Wall Accelerator unit will release a quaterly technical brief to showcase progresses of the stakeholders in achieving the Great Green Wall Initiative goals.

Want to contribute with an analysis, a story from the frontlines, or become a partner of the Great Green Wall Accelerator? Contact us by email : stoumi [at] ; ggw [at]

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