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Toolkit for the application of Green Negotiated Territorial Development

At the heart of sustainable development lies one simple question: how do we ensure that the social, environmental and economic needs of people and planet are all met?

Considering this question is crucial in territorial development so that land and water is used and managed appropriately - to ensure food production and provide economic benefits without tapping out resources and ecosystem services, and to protect vulnerable communities, particularly farmers.

While the competing needs, ownership issues and mechanics of territorial development are undoubtedly complex, the first step to answering the question is surprisingly straightforward: we all need to talk to each other.

This is what Green Negotiated Territorial Development (GreeNTD) aims to make happen, by bringing together all concerned parties to and aim to ensure that everybody gets what they need for as long as they need it.

The Toolkit for the application of Green Negotiated Territorial Development, a new working paper from FAO’s Land and Water Division, sets out methods and tools to bring everybody together, gather the needed information and attain agreement on how to move forward.