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Web Conference on Land Degradation and Restoration Knowledge Gaps and Needs

This 3-week Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) web conference, which will be held from 14 January until 4 February, is an open forum that will bring together governments, experts, and other stakeholders to review and further explore knowledge gaps and discuss knowledge needs and priorities regarding land degradation and restoration.

Building on the knowledge gaps identified in the IPBES Assessment Report on Land Degradation and Restoration, it will provide an interactive, transparent and inclusive platform for:

  • discussion of these gaps,
  • consultation on knowledge needs of policymakers and practitioners, and
  • identification of priority areas for relevant knowledge generation.

The ultimate objective is to inform research, policy and funding agencies about gaps and needs related to data, information, knowledge and infrastructure, and to catalyse the generation of new knowledge.

The 3-week web conference will be moderated by the Co-Chairs of the Land Degradation and Restoration Assessment, Robert Scholes and JRC scientist Luca Montanarella.

The proceedings of the web conference will include a list of suggested priority knowledge needs.

All those interested in participating are invited to register via the online registration form. Once registration has been approved, the secretariat will send a confirmation email and further information about the web conference

For further details, see: Web Conference on Land Degradation and Restoration Knowledge Gaps and Needs | January 14th - February 4th, 2019

Conference Format

This conference will be fully remote, using webinar technology for presentations and primarily taking place through interactive and structured online forum discussions. Discussions during one week will build the base for the following week. The structure enables participants to engage across the globe by posting on the forum contributions such as comments, scientific literature, citations and other inputs, organized thematically over a period of three weeks and ultimately resulting in a synthesis of contributions on knowledge gaps and needs.

(January 14) - Introductory webinar: Presentation of knowledge gaps identified by the Assessment and conference overview

Week 1 (Jan 14–18) - Identifying knowledge gaps: Invitation for feedback on knowledge gaps identified

Week 2 (Jan 21–25) - Prioritizing knowledge needs: Reflecting on knowledge needs in practice and policy

Week 3 (Jan 28–Feb 1) - Addressing knowledge needs: Seeking suggestions on how to address knowledge needs

(February 4) Concluding webinar: Synthesis of contributions  

Policymakers, practitioners, experts and other knowledge holders are encouraged to actively participate in the structured forum discussions. The proceedings of the web conference will result in a list of suggestions for highly-prioritised knowledge needs, which will inform research, policymakers, funding agencies and other actors generating or mobilising knowledge.

This web conference is part of a pilot approach to fulfill the IPBES mandate of identifying and prioritising key scientific information needed for policymakers and catalysing efforts to generate new knowledge.