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What is Grey Literature?

Grey literature is defined as ‘that which is produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers.’ Examples include technical reports from governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental agencies or research groups, working papers from research groups or preprints, thesis/dissertations and conference papers.​   

System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, is your open access to 700.000 bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe and allows you to export records and locate the documents. Examples of grey (gray) literature include technical or research reports, doctoral dissertations, some conference papers, some official publications, and other types of grey literature.

OpenGrey covers Science, Technology, Biomedical Science, Economics, Social Science and Humanities. The site includes preprints from the GL conferences (GreyNet International) in full text. GreyNet International provides net-users open access to full-text conference based research in the field of literature. The GreyNet Community and its Collections are OAI compliant via the OpenGrey Repository in which INIST-CNRS is the Service Provider and GreyNet, the Data Provider.

Grey Literature is a field in library and Information science that deals with the production, distribution, and access to multiple document types produced on all levels of government, academics, business, and organization in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing i.e. where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body.