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Why Europe should care more about environmental degradation triggering insecurity

In his latest article Hartmut Behrend, a climatologist with the German Armed Forces, takes a close look at the impact of environmental degradation on security .

Published in the Journal " Global Affairs" Volume 1 Issue 1  the article focused:

  • on the issue of environmental degradation, caused by climate change and land degradation, as a threat multiplier because of its huge impact on human security.
  • It increases the conflict potential which is based on three conflict constellations: water scarcity; loss of land; and food insecurity.
  • These conflict constellations can cause an increase of migration and deteriorate the governance of states and regional authorities which both have the potential to trigger or even increase violent conflicts.
  • The main background drivers of climate change and land degradation are population growth and the rising living standards of large parts of the population.

This article describes:

  • four hot spot regions where environmental degradation has the largest impact on security: the Sahel; the Middle East; Central Asia; and the coastal zones of East, South and South-East Asia.
  • It recommends that the European institutions and its member states should step up their support to these regions considerably by mitigating the environmental factors contributing to insecurity, notably land degradation and climate change.

Why Europe should care more about environmental degradation triggering insecurity? learn more by reading the open access full text article here