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Bherulal Devrajani

First name
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
Natural Resource Management
Soil Science
UN languages spoken


Other Languages Old
Job function
Professor/ Chairman
Department of Land & Water Management
Name of Organisation
Sindh Agriculture University
Street Address Organisation
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering_x000D_
Sindh Agricultural University
City Organisation
Tandoja Jam
Country Organisation
Telephone number
92 2233 5282/(5460 Res)
Work experience
Working on a USDA/PARC project sponsored through Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad (1974-1985) as senior Agricultural Research Engineer and full time Principal investigator. The project area was spread over all Sindh Province and studied Agricultural Machines Efficiency in terms of working, Economic and irrigation water use on Wheat, Cotton, and Sugarcane production. Also worked on Sindh Government Concultancy service as Principal Investigator for socio-economic impact of mechanization and tractors selection. At lower state university worked on project on water quality monitoring, water table management, water quality, sub-irrigation, and solute transport studies for saline and waterlogged soils.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
M.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Pakistan)._x000D_
M.Sc. Agricultural Economics (Pakistan)._x000D_
M.E. Agricultural Engineering USA)._x000D_
Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering (USA).
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Devrajani, B.T. 1987. Mechanized tillage - better use of irrigation water. Jr. AMA, IX (1)._x000D_
2. Devrajani, B.T. 1987. Mechanized versus bullock cultivation - consumptive water use. Jr. AMA, IX (2)._x000D_
3. Devrajani, B.T., R.S. Kanwar, and T.B. Bailey, 1995. Effect of soil salt concentration on the transort of salts to groundwater in a layered soil-A laboratory study. Agric. Engr. Jr. 4(1&2), 1-16._x000D_
4. Devrajani, B.T., R.S. Kanwar, and T.B. Bailey, 1984. Construction, preparation and use of large soil columns for hydraulic conductivity and solute transport studies. Jr. Drainage and Reclamation, DRIP, Vol. 7, N°1&2, pp. 42-54._x000D_
5. Devrajani, B.T., J.L. Butler, and A.Q. Ansari, 1987. Appraisal of mechanization in Sindh Province of Pakistan, Jr., AMA., IX (4).
* Area Representative Pakistan Society of Agricultural Engineers.
Other activities
1. Member Pakistan Society of Agriculture Engimneers._x000D_
2. Member American Society of Agriculture Engineers._x000D_
3. Member Asian Association of Agriculture Engineers._x000D_
4. Member Irrigation Association, USA._x000D_
5. Life Member Pakistan Engineering Council.