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Sharif Ahmad Siddiqi

First name
Sharif Ahmad
Last name
Nominating Country
Date of Nomination
Other Disciplines
UN languages spoken


Other Languages Old
Job function
Name of Organisation
Society for Conservation & Protection of Environment
Street Address Organisation
B-150, Block 13-D/2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal
City Organisation
Country Organisation
Telephone number
92 21 4965042/4976459
Work experience
Dealing with projects on UN Convention to Combat Desertification._x000D_
Coordinator in Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment._x000D_
As participant developed networking of "Sindh NGP Commission on Waterlogging and Salinity Check", gave infra-structure to the Commission, spread its advisory role throughout Pakistan by interacting with farming community.
Highest Academic achievement and qualification
M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics, University of Sindh, Jamshore, Pakistan in 1965.
Number of Publications
Publication titles
1. Marketing of Agricultural Products in Sindh, 1978, Planning Division, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad._x000D_
2. Sugarcane - Remunerative Crop in Sindh, Pakistan Agriculture, Vol.2, N°1, November 1979, pp. 45-48 (Karachi: Finance Industry Publication)._x000D_
3. Role of Migratory Farm Labour in Agriculture Production, Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam (Pakistan), 1979._x000D_
4. Role of Supervised Credit Bulletin, Vol. 2, Oct.-Dec. 1972, pp. 3-5, Karachi (State Bank of Pakistan)._x000D_
5. Economics of Dairy Farming in Sindh, Pak. Agric. Vol. N°10, Oct. 1983, pp. 8-11, Karachi (Finance Industry Publication).
1. Awarded Certificate of Efficiency for Completing Research Projects under PL-480 Programme by United States Department of Agriculture, Washington._x000D_
2. Many other Certificates issued by various Depts. of Govt. of Pakistan.
Other activities
1. Project planning, Designing of research plan, Preparation of project data collection, Analysis and report writing._x000D_
2. Completed six research studies supported by USDA, Planning Division, Pakistan Agricultural Price Commission. Sindh Agric. University, Tado Jam.